What does it mean to join the American Survey Team?

The American Survey Team is the national panel group for ETC Institute.

When you join the American Survey Team, you become a difference-maker for your community. Whenever ETC Institute is conducting a survey in the area where you live (City, County or State depending on the survey) we will reach out to you via email, text, phone and/or mail to seek out your opinions. Your participation is always optional.

Some of our surveys have monetary rewards associated with them. We’ve had individual survey projects in the past that have paid over $100. We also have surveys that don’t offer monetary rewards, but the input you provide will directly impact the community where you live. So either way, your opinions will directly benefit your community and you’ll know that YOU made a difference.

The most common types of surveys you will be asked to do are:

  • City Services (rating the services provided by the City where you live)

  • Parks and Recreation Services (rating parks and recreation services and programs in the City where you live)

  • Library Services (rating library services and programs in the City where you live)

  • Transit Surveys (transit agencies sometimes look for information from riders and non-riders)

  • Household Travel Surveys (State departments of transportation sometimes gather travel information from residents in certain metropolitan areas).

  • Statewide Surveys (state agencies looking for ratings on various aspects from a large sample of people across the state where you live)

That’s it. We keep it simple. Become apart of the American Survey Team and we will make you a voice for your community and sometimes you get some pretty nice incentives. All while keeping your opinions private. We think that’s a pretty good deal, but we’re biased.