Texas Tech Students

Texas Tech Students

Take the Texas Tech Student Traffic Survey and Get $20!

Tired of Local Traffic?

Take this survey to improve traffic conditions in your local community.

After filling out the form, you will be contacted by one of our friendly survey specialists. If you qualify, we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your travel habits and send you Visa Gift card for use anywhere credit cards are accepted.

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*One survey per household, must be a local resident to qualify.

**NOTICE: This is NOT the survey, this is the sign-up to take the survey. IF YOU QUALIFY a team member will contact you.**

We will NOT sell your information. Information provided will be used for research purposes and kept confidential, except as provided by the Public Information Act.

Your Data: Privacy, Anonymization and Use

The American Survey team is committed to protecting the privacy of our participants. All data collected from our surveys is completely anonymous and used solely for the purpose of improving traffic and community planning throughout the United States.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights that enhance the development of your community and traffic network. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for helping us achieve this goal.

For more information or if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or contact us.

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Why do I get paid for my information?

ETC Institute reimburses you for joining the American Survey Team and taking your first traffic survey. With your help, TxDOT can make better budgets, better plans, and better decisions for Texas Tech students. By joining the team you are also eligible to take future surveys for more money.

Step 1: Join Team
Sign up here. This information will allow us to reach you to take one of our current paid surveys. This also makes you eligible to take any future surveys in your area.
Step 2: Take Survey
We contact you to take the survey & download the app. The survey only takes a few minutes.
Step 3: Get Paid
Depending on when you took the survey. It only takes a few days to get your Visa Gift Card.

What is a Household Travel Survey?

Household Travel Surveys help determine the amount of travel generated in an area by local residents. Participants use a smartphone app, website or other methods to record where, when, how and why they travel.

These surveys provide information about local travel patterns and needs. They help TxDOT make decisions about transportation projects that impact you and your community.

Many reasons. 1) You’ll improve the roads you travel on for yourself and your community. 2) Your data will help better inform where transportation dollars are spent. 3) Whether you travel a little or a lot your travel represents what a lot of other residents do so your participation matters.

During a household travel survey, participants are asked to provide information regarding their: household, household members, and vehicles. Then they select a travel date for their household. On the travel date, each household member will provide travel diary information that includes all the locations they went on their travel date along with details of those stops.


Your Participation Matters

Survey panels are pretty common these days. We’re different though. Our surveys make real changes in the areas where you live. Your opinions will improve the lives of the people you care about…and you’ll even get paid for those opinions!

We need your input so that transportation dollars are spent wisely.
Accurate information about how people get from place to place helps ensure that transportation funds are spent where they are needed most.
You can make a difference.
Your participation will help build a more complete picture of local and statewide transportation needs. This allows decision makers to more effectively target transportation improvements.
You are important.
Your household represents many other similar households across the region. Regardless of the number of trips you make and whether you travel by car, bus, bicycle, or other means, your input is vital.